Small-holder farmers learning more about how to market their surplus produce.

Training and workshops

While the emphasis of our training with small-holder farmers is around agroecological farming practice, we also work to raise awareness about the use of toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GM (genetically modified) crops.

Our agroecological training is focused on implementing in situ conservation of agricultural biodiversity, soil erosion reclamation, water harvesting approaches, integrated pest management, soil improvement, vermiculture, water treatment and recycling, resource mapping, and most importantly, the promotion of seed diversity and seed saving.

Since 2013, we have also focused efforts on training small-scale farmers on the marketing of surplus produce (produce over and above that which is needed for household food security). This "organic" produce is of high ethical and nutritional value, but small-holder farmers face many barriers to accessing markets including language, literacy, record-keeping, ensuring consistent production, difficulty in contracting with small business, business ethics and formal registration to access state support.

We also organise and host public workshops such as our annual Agroecology and Seed Sovereignty Workshop. These gatherings are spaces for farmers, policy makers, representatives from goivernment departments, and others to network, share learnings and advocate agroecology.