Drought-stricken Tshaneni, KwaZulu-Natal, overlooking the Jozini Dam.

The elephant in the drought crisis room

Southern Africa is experiencing a bitter season of thirst, hunger and anguish as livestock perish and crops fail. While GRAIN SA is making plans to import shortfalls in key staple foods, the National Agricultural Marketing Council has predicted that an average family food basket could cost 25% more than it did last year, with dire consequences for food security.

While attention is focused on relief measures, there has been little public discussion about the factors contributing to the severity of the drought and what we can do to lessen our vulnerability.

We believe that industrial agriculture is the unacknowledged “elephant in the drought crisis room”. For more information and a critique of the false drought solutions being touted by agribusiness, click here to read and/or download our Fact Sheet: Drought Crisis.