The key to African food sovereignty? Valuing women and the seed they keep

The link between women and seed is ancient, writes Biowatch’s Elfrieda Pschorn-Strauss, co-ordinator of the Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI) in the Right to Food and Nutrition WATCH 2016. To download WATCH 2016, visit the Food and Nutrition Watch website:

“Women’s link to seed is through food, health, culture, ecology, spirituality and social relationships. In their roles as seed custodians, plant breeders, farmers, herbalists and mothers, African women’s daily work involves an intimate involvement and knowledge of plants,” writes Pschorn-Strauss. “Women are the unacknowledged and unseen experts on seed and on both domesticated and wild biodiversity.”

Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI)

Biowatch South Africa is the lead partner on the Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI), a regional programme driven by a group of partners and allies committed to the principles of agroecology and food sovereignty – principles that support sustainable livelihoods and food and nutrition security for rural communities.